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Molly Goddard Invites Guests To Join The Party

The fashion crowd aren’t known for their unabashed signs of emotion, so it’s a testimony to Molly Goddard’s status as the new Queen Bee of London Fashion Week that the select group who had secured the golden ticket to her show let her know how they felt; namely by whooping, cheering, clapping and whistling, in a show of uninhibited joy as the designer took her runway bow.

Taking place in the new Topshop show space on Floral Street, guests were greeted by all the signs of a feast being prepared in the kitchen, with bags of potatoes, chopped veg and bottles of red wine all lying in wait, a subtle nod to last season’s sumptuous (and raucous) dinner party.

Then, Edie Campbell led the proceedings smoking an e-cigarette and dancing on tables; this season, she reprised her role as chief party girl, being the first to grab and bottle of red and pour herself a glass. She opened the show in a black long-sleeved crop top and long layered tulle skirt, worn low on the hips. The models that joined her party wore various riffs on this look - crop tops and long layered skirts, in hot pink, red gingham - while others opted to wear the ruched smock dresses, lamé gold off-shoulder gowns and sheer tulle party pieces Goddard has made her signature. One model had to carry her taffeta dress down the runway, so voluminous were its layers, but she didn’t seem to mind.

This season, cords were used to transform silhouettes, instantly changing one dress into a very different one, with warped gingham and check tights, hand-held bags with fluro stitching and strappy kitten heel sandals the only accessories needed.

As ‘Angel’ by Gavin Friday from the Baz Luhrman version of Romeo and Juliet blasted out of the speakers, more and more models were raiding a glass, cheersing and dancing, chatting easily amongst themselves. As the last models finished their circuit - wearing show-stopping frothy confections of tulle ruched in layers in tangerine or black - the others put aside the glasses to join them, some later than others, loathe to end the party.

The show notes said that ‘Goddard’s woman doesn’t get FOMO,’ and why would she at a party like this?