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What The Marc Jacobs SS19 Collection And Queen Elizabeth I Have In Common

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Kevin Bacon used to be known for his acting, but then Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon came along. Never played it? You must, it’s mind-boggling. This Apollo 13 actor can be linked to any fellow actor - trust me I’ve tried. Meryl Streep? Yes, though too easy. Charlie Chaplin? Yes. Audrey Hepburn? Yes, well you get the picture. It got me thinking, could the same be said about clothes? How do trends and tropes link up? It didn’t take too long before I figured out the line of confluence between Marc Jacob’s just-debuted spring summer 2019 collection, Cheryl Cole and Queen Elizabeth I.

Hear me out. It all has to do with a ruffle collar. For spring next year Marc Jacobs posits eighties excess, frills, polka dots and pastel shades will be relevant. Along with the Pierrot collars and fizzy pink hair the label presented frothy party dresses that recalled 80s era Yves Saint Laurent, Chanel and early Lanvin.