Kenzo Autumn Winter 2015: 5 Things We Loved

Kenzo Autumn Winter 2015: 5 Things We Loved


by Grazia |

With a live performance by Saint Etienne and a huge moving set which stalked the models like giant PAC men, Humberto Leon and Carol Lim put on a spectacular show for Kenzo. Here are the five things that we loved....

1. Saintly Sounds

The huge warehouse space that the Kenzo show took place in was the perfect setting for the electric sounds of indie dance band Saint Etienne. Guests were treated to songs especially composed for the show.

2. A Magical Moving Set

It looked like a simple metallic backdrop, but as the music started and the models emerged, it slowly started to transform into 7 pillars which worked in sequences around the large square catwalk, spinning and changing directions like giant PAC men. Impressive stuff.

3. Windbreakers

Leon and Lim are known for dressing the cool kids on the block, so we weren't expecting anything as geeky as a windbreaker - but of course in their version is oversized, trapeze shaped, with short angular sleeves and a funnel neck which reminded us of a spacesuit. Basically better than the kind of thing you're likely to find in Millets.

Kenzo's Autumn Winte windbreakers [jason lloyd-evans]

4. Burgundy

Fast becoming one of the most popular colours of the season, burgundy had it's place on the Kenzo runway too. The aforementioned windbreaker had the purply hue treatment, as well as silky coats which drew in at the waist and tailored trouser suits.

Burgundy looks at Kenzo [jason lloyd-evans]

5. The Added Extras

Accessories are big business in the Kenzo camp and this season didn't disappoint. There were felt caps which looked to have a in-built scarf; leather gloves to the wrist or longer length ones worn ruched down the arm; boots and shoes had a block high heel with a platform sole, and bags were either grown-up looking tote style in serious black or care-free canary yellow or there was a more daring shopper with a single handle.

Autumn Winter accessories at Kenzo [jason lloyd-evans]
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