Exclusive Pictures Of Kendall Jenner For LOVE’s 24th Advent Film

Exclusive Kendall Jenner Pictures For LOVE Magazine's Advent Video

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by Edwina Langley |
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There's nothing like saving the best till last... Kendall Jenner appears in the 24th advent video for LOVE magazine, starring as a mystical goddess in 'Yulefire', James Lima's apolcalyptic short film.

Opening on the young model in a raging forest fire, the camera follows her as she walks through hot coals in lingerie, before conjuring the season of winter and re-appearing in a snow-blanketed wood, dressed in fur.


LOVE Editor-in-Chief Katie Grand (who acted as Fashion Editor on the film) said of it: 'James Lima called completely out of the blue and said he wanted to work with Kendall. How could I say no?!

'LOVE advent has always been lo fi and fun, and James moved it into a whole new league of green screen and massive production. I've loved the work we've done together with Prada and Versace, so to work together with Kendall was literally 'THE DREAM.'

Commenting on the video himself, James said: 'The idea came to me in a dream, like most of my concepts for films often do. I saw this figure, this vision of a woman as an ancient force, elemental, and mystical. She is a goddess who created the seasons, the elements, and the concept of astronomical time.


'Kendall is the perfect person to play this character. She is beautiful, powerful, fearless, and yet vulnerable. She committed 100% to the concept; she was an amazing collaborator. And of course, the backgrounds are all composited visual effects. I would never have put Kendall in a real forest fire!'

Intrigued to see it for yourself? Click on the link.

Video credits: Director: James Lima, Fashion Editor: Katie Grand, Styling: Ryan Hastings, Casting: Anita Bitton, Digital Art Direction: Jonny Lu

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