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The Dos And Don’ts Of The Teeny Tiny Handbag Trend

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Everything about the autumn winter 18 collection Jacquemus shown at Paris Fashion Week last night defies logic. Case in point: there were barely any jackets (let alone coats), many of the shoes were sandals and the handbags were so tiny it would be a squeeze to fit in an iPhone.

While Jacquemus may be romancing the idea of spending the colder months in warmer weather, we the consumer are left with very specific trends to try this coming fall. For instance, skirts with dangerously high splits, soft draping and handbags scarcely large enough for your Oyster card.

Convention says the whole point of carrying a handbag is to hold daily necessities (purse, keys, phone) in one place. But these rules don’t apply to the catwalk or celebrities, which might explain why Paris’ celebrated designer Simon Porte Jacquemus has been ignoring them. It goes without saying, this man has never needed to hide a tampon from sight, or keep a lipstick for topping-up purposes to hand. And Rihanna (plus other micro-bag fans) have underlings to do this for them. Instead, they can move through life making big fashion statements with tiny handbags.

But, odds are, if you lead a more conventional life carrying a bag entails so much more than making a street style splash. It’s a hiding place for hair bands, a dumping ground for chewing gum and it’s your wallet’s safe space. Between denouncing plastic for reusable cups and embracing the gym (courtesy of this wellness kick), surely handbags should be getting bigger, not smaller?

If you do fancy taking the weight off your shoulders, here are the dos and don’ts of this cute accessory trend: