Helmut Lang’s Bra-Shaped Bag Actually Doubles Up As Underwear

Helmut Lang’s Bra-Shaped Bag Actually Doubles Up As Underwear

by Lucy Morris |
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As you read this, your mind is likely on other things. Maybe you’re planning your next meal, streaming Netflix or meditating on that awkward work email you received. Multitasking is a constant in our day-to-day lives, but in the fashion world it’s as rare as a unicorn.

Last September, Helmut Lang’s designer-in-residence, the mischievous creative director of Hood by Air, Shayne Oliver, introduced the world to the ‘bra purse’. Along with a host of transparent briefcases and deconstructed lingerie looks, Oliver dressed his models in leather shirts and dripping tailoring complete with the aforementioned accessory worn as a piece of underwear. When not perked up by this capacious brassiere, the models had them swung them by the straps.

Helmut Lang’s Bra-Shaped Bag Actually Doubles Up As Underwear
©Helmut Lang

It’s not unusual for an experimental designer to showcase a design that will never go into production. In fact, it’s more common than you’d think that an item won’t make it to stores in the same fabric, colour or even shape that it appeared on the runway. Now forgive us for being sceptical, but we thought it was unlikely that this bra bag would make it into the real world. But, oh were we wrong.

Looking at the item it has a set of straps and handles, a punch closure at the back and cups with a zipper closure. All items function so that one can stow ones belongings and use it as a top. Whether you’d like to do both at once is up to the wearer.

On Helmut Lang’s website, the label is now selling the ‘bra purse’ for $635 (£458) in red, white and black. And, in case you were wondering it’s a one-size fit all design.

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