The FROW-ers In New York Reveal Their Ultimate Style Icons

The FROW-ers In NYC Reveal Their Ultimate Style Icons


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Front Row Style Stars

Bryan Boy1 of 7

Bryan Boy

''Me! It sounds big headed to say that, but I think style comes intuitively and I learn from my own mistakes. I think to look up to someone else's style doesn't really work.'

Leandra Medine2 of 7

Leandra Medine

'Tom Wolfe because he wears white suits with aplomb'

The Beckerman twins3 of 7

The Beckerman twins

'Our mum! She's like a rock and roll momma. She's tried so many different looks and hair dos and always looks so pulled together.'

Zosia Mamet4 of 7

Zosia Mamet

'All the old ladies of New York.'

Ella Catliff5 of 7

Ella Catliff

'Caroline Sieber because she's elegant, impeccably dressed and oozes intelligence. I met her the other week and she's just incredible.'

Gigi Hadid6 of 7

Gigi Hadid

'Carine Roitfeld. Obviously she's a style icon but she's also a stylist who I've worked with so much and she's just so effortlessly chic. She's always dressed so cool and she's so sexy.'

Caroline de Magrait7 of 7

Caroline de Magrait

My hormones. No one can tell me how I'm going to feel tomorrow, whether I'll feel sexy or want to be more covered up or want to feel more empowered so ill wear masculine clothing.

Each season you can always rely on the characters on the front row to wear outfits made for copying. What Olivia Palermo wears on the front row is always guarenteed to be replicated throughout 2015. But who do the FROW-ers look towards when they need a dollop of style inspiration? Our Graziette on the ground in New York - Hannah Almassi - has been asking front row darlings who they turn to for a wardrobe update. Leandra Medine and Zosia Mamet both look towards octogenarians, while Bryan Boy is always inspired by, err, himself. Well at least he's honest. Take a look through the gallery above for more...

Two of our FROW-ers style icons - Iris Apfel and Tom Woolf [Getty]
Two of our FROW-ers style icons - Iris Apfel and Tom Woolf [Getty]
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