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Must-Know Earring Trends For Next Season

Nothing quite dresses up an outfit like the perfect accessory. That's why it's important to be in the know about next season's earring trends, because the way in which you wear them can complete your look.

This summer, four trends in particular will be hot-to-trot with the fash packs, so if you want in, then brush up on the styles below, and start adding to your jewellery collection, pronto...

The Single Earring Trend

_Earrings Collection_

Rather than sporting the traditional two earrings, fashionistas are now leaning towards donning a single one. While this is no doubt a hard trend to pull off, when done correctly, it can create a memorable look. To rock this trend, there's one thing to remember: no simple earring will do - if you're going to brave it alone then you need to be bold. Opt for mesmerising geometric shapes and statement pieces that will have heads turning.

Styling tip: Marry a statement earring with a personalised charm necklace from Thomas Sabo's new Generation Charm Club. The new, stylish XL charm pendants can be combined in sets to create unique pieces of jewellery that reflects your personality.

Secrets Of The Sea

_Ear Studs Collection_

This summer earring trend draws inspiration from under-the-sea, making it perfect for the holiday season. Think dainty, maritime styles like boho starfish studs and gorgeous ocean colours. Depending on how bespoke you want your look to be, you can choose to wear the little starfish ear studs as a pair, or mix-and-match different styles together for something a little more personalised.

Styling tip: Create the perfect maritime style by also donning a bespoke charm bracelet. Our favourite pendants? The anchor, starfish and seashell, which will help you round off the sailors look like a pro.

Hoops Mania

_Hoop Collection_

Hoops made an incredible comeback last year - and you'll be pleased to know that they're still reigning supreme this summer, too. The key to wearing them in a modern way is simple: ditch the plain rose gold or silver oversized hoops, and instead don smaller hoops with minimalist details. Opt for the likes of two-tone hoop earrings, triangular-shaped designs, or en vogue sparkling hoops for ultimate cool-girl vibes.

Styling tip: Keep the hoops theme running by wearing a circle charm necklace around your neck. Leave it bare for a minimalistic look, or add in charms to make it more lively.


_Tropical Collection_

If you have a taste for the exotic, then you'll be drawn to the tropical trend, which features statement jewellery, ornate details and vibrant colours. When choosing earrings, look for graphic details like Aztec patterns, colourful beading and stone embellishments, and beautiful feather designs. We love.

Styling tip: Stack ornate rings and mix-and-match colourful bracelets to ooze radiance and energy.

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