K Stew, K Pop, K Lagerfeld: Chanel Shows Cruise Collection In Seoul

K Stew, K Pop... K Lagerfeld? Chanel Shows Cruise Collection In Seoul


by Hannah Almassi |
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K Stew, K Pop... K Lagerfeld? Yes, Chanel has gone gung ho for Korea this week, drafting in fashion eds, global superstars - including some of this nation's most influential faces (G Dragon appears to be the pap frenzy-maker) - and the best models in the business in order to present the Paris uber-brand's Cruise 2016 runway show this evening in Seoul.

Based within the breathtaking Zaha Hadid-designed DDP centre, the stage was set and tuned into extra-hyper mode: toadstool-like colour pop patent seats were dotted at differing heights alongside a weaving runway line of rainbow spots and a super-cutesy musical landscape. Karl's latest vision for Chanel was young and nothing short of a bucket-load of fun.

Like a traditional Korean feast, Karl served up course upon course. The Chanel cruise 2016 collection bopped along the catwalk in bite-sized delicious servings: first came the graphic multicoloured zigging and zagging striped, loose-fit, full-sleeved dresses. They kicked off the dollyish mood of the entire season, with the majority of outfits styled up with patent flat Mary Janes, Mickey Mouse plaited hair-bun ears and porcelain pretty makeup. All looks arrived with a smattering of kitsch cool mix'n'match jewellery and hair accessories to boot - Seoul's stylish girls aren't afraid of a full look.

Then came plasticised tailoring set against girlish pink boucle, followed by electrifying rainbow stripes, long lace bloomers and fine asymmetric knits cut away and layered over swingy trousers. Tailoring was classic but tweaked into micro and boxy shapes, whilst softer garments ran into very breezy, twirly territory.

[Instagram: Grazia_live and Chanelofficial]
[Instagram: Grazia_live and Chanelofficial]

Next up a series of fluffy nebulous skirts and dresses bounced happily around the models bodies in a cloud of white and silver... then Seoul at night, twinkling stone and sequin embellishment shining out from sheer black, billowing chiffon. Much of the intricate handiwork reflected the house flower - the camellia, only more graphic and pop-tastic.

Patch-worked parachute silks, crochet coverups and disco swimsuits, origami covered maxi-shifts and many more enticing looks, pieces and ideas were cooked up in Karl's kitchen. Meaning Gisele snapped away on her phone like the rest of us, Tilda clapped enthusiastically to the finale's end and guests frantically, inspired and powered up by the energy of Seoul and Karl's unstoppable creative efforts, tried to Instagram the proceedings first.

In the land where selfies rule supreme, it's a miracle the clothes weren't swiped from the runway mid-strut.


Chanel 2015/16 Cruise Collection

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Chanel 2015/16 Cruise Collection

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Chanel 2015/16 Cruise Collection

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Chanel 2015/16 Cruise Collection

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Chanel 2015/16 Cruise Collection

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Chanel 2015/16 Cruise Collection

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Chanel 2015/16 Cruise Collection

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Chanel 2015/16 Cruise Collection

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Chanel 2015/16 Cruise Collection

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Chanel 2015/16 Cruise Collection

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Chanel 2015/16 Cruise Collection

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