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The Most Dazzling Celebrity Engagement Rings Of All Time

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Having a diamond ring on your finger is always a little scary - what if it falls down the sink or gets stuck in a grate mid-commute? But in Hollywood, stars don't just wear a classic gold band with a single diamond. Nope. They proudly wear their very own version of the infamous Hope diamond on their wedding finger...

And thanks to the major price tag – and, you know, sentimental reasons, of course – some celebrity engagement rings warrant their own personal security guard.

Who wins the award for the most blinding, ostentatious ring ever? Jennifer Aniston's diamond is anything but discrete and who could forget J.Lo's pink dazzler, presented by former fiancé Ben Affleck back in 2002 (side note: a jaw-dropping gemstone doesn’t necessarily equate to a happily ever after…) Beyoncé, meanwhile, must have a mighty strong index finger to carry the weight of her 18 carat blinder (we always suspected she was super-human…)

Intrigued by the dazzling collateral that ever-so-casually graces the hands of your favourite A-listers? Below are some of the priciest, sparkliest, and sweetest celebrity engagement rings around - and the love stories behind them.

Ready to see millions of pounds worth of sparkles? Take a look through the gallery above to find out who has the biggest rocks in Hollywood. Warning - you may be temporarily blinded

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