Public Service Announcement – It’s Time To Take Off Those Tights

Public Service Announcement - It's Time To Take Off Those Tights


by Grazia |

We are here with a public service announcement - tomorrow it is expected to reach 24C in the UK, with weather typical of August (insert a string of dude in shades emojis here). So tomorrow you are well within your rights to have a Cornetto for lunch, wear sunglasses without looking like one of those people and TAKE OFF YOUR TIGHTS.

Making the transition from hot chocolate to Pimms is easy, but stepping out of your boots into sandals can take a little more prep. What if the weatherman is wrong? Where's your razor? Here is your checklist to look like you're ready to de-layer in the next 12 hours…

1. Take off the tights. We dare you. Fake tan is now your friend.

2. Head to toe white feels a little premature, but mixing white and tan (preferably suede, tasselled and 70s all over) is so right for now.

3. While we don't encourage you to bring Coachella to Blighty, braiding is this season's comeback story. Why not try Kate Bosworth's braid?


4. But what if the weather man is wrong and you get 'you left your jacket at home?!' shamed? Follow Alexa's lead and wear your knit around your shoulders like a 'Hampshire mum.'

5. Now you know what we're going to say next - paint those toes in tequila sunrise shades.

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