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Not so long ago the need to wear glasses was most probably met with a big groan and followed by
 a fast switchover to contact lenses. Glasses were not cool. Options were limited and the style conscious struggled to see eye to eye with mediocre frames that didn’t reflect the rest of their wardrobe.

But now the spectacles scene is looking sharper than ever: glasses have become a bona fide accessory in their own right and as a result profits are soaring. In the same way that a fresh season calls for a new coat or shoe update, many eyewear brands report that just one
pair of glasses isn’t enough for generation opticool.

So every kind of silhouette or finish has been introduced (including Miu Miu’s kooky crystals or Ray-Ban’s retro aviators), new designers are popping up all the time (we love Laura Imami’s handmade creations), online services have improved no end (see Dutch label Ace & Tate for their try-on-at-home process
at a great price) and bespoke eyewear is becoming a luxe treat – just ask London-based Cubitts who are inundated with requests for their clever face-gauge service. A good pair of frames can transform and enhance your features as well as your overall look. And the season’s key aesthetic – that Gucci geek – would be nowhere without a pair. Here is our pick of the pack...

Gold Frames, Ray-Ban £155.00

The sun may be less frequent (but let's be honest, was it ever really there this summer?) but that doesn't mean that your fave Rayban frames have to be abandoned. These gold round frames add a little 90s look to your style.

Pink Frames, Prada £210.00

We used to be obsessed with pink coats, but now it's all about the pink frames- these ones are the modern way to pay respect to the **Pink Ladies and all the Grease style that we love.

Jewelled Frames, Miu Miu

No longer just for grannies, these frames are a show you just how to make a statement with your accessories this season.

Tortoiseshell Frames, Cubitts £125.00

These babies look rather like the Prada sunnies that we've been loving through the summer. A classic tortoiseshell print, but with an updated square frame means that you can be a modern day Clark Kent. But chicer.

Black Cat-Eye Frames, Cutler And Gross £295.00

These frames are Mad Men-worthy and will immediately give your office look an edge. Pair with a pencil skirt to look feline and fierce.

Monochrome Frames, Linda Farrow £425.00

These glasses are just cool- and we know, the irony isn't lost on us. A perfect alternative to the Ray-Ban gold frames for those who love a cooler tone, what's not to love!?

New York Frames, Prism London, £210.00

A classic black frame has a little twist here with the shot of blue behind- a great choice for those wishing to emphasise their azure eyes.

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