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This Is The Ultimate Fash Pack


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Who's who in the fashion blogosphere? Who's got the best insta-feed? Who's the ultimate style inspo? Are these the Qs you find yourself asking? Then you've come to the right place. In a world where we've got more fashion bloggers than hot dinners, we've rounded up the creme de la creme of the fashpack, so you needn't look any further...

Man Repeller: Leandra Medine


Leandra Medine, started her infamous blog, Man Repeller, back in 2010. She coined the phrase, Man Repeller, as 'someone who wears "sartorially offensive" outfits that may result in repelling members of the opposite sex'. She describes her website as 'a humorous site about serious fashion. A microphone for women by women. A celebration of intellect and sartorialisms.' It began as a style blog and has since evolved into a destination for anything from Tinder dating, to Instagram etiquette, to witty takes on catwalk shows. Her humourous tone, unique style and different perspective on everything and anything make it hard to not love her. We challenge you to make it through the first line of any of Leandra's articles without laughing out loud!

Style Bubble: Susie Lau


Susie Lau, aka, Style Bubble, started her blog in March, 2006. She is one of the UK's real originals when it comes to style blogging and is known for her colourful and eclectic looks which always stand out on the FROW. She's a writer and editor based in London town and her site has evolved to now consist of 'thoughts, personal experiences and observations on fashion with a focus on spotlighting young and unknown talent.' She has a self-proclaimed 'disturbing weakness for period dramas – especially BBC ones!'

As for the name: 'Susie Bubble wasn’t made up by myself, it was my friend Sarah Hill at primary school that gave it to me. Then the whole class started calling me that – it’s because I always looked like I was in a world of my own, in a BUBBLE! I have not really grown out of this – you will often see me staring into space, fixated at nothing in particular or listening to my iPod oblivious to many things.'

The Blonde Salad: Chiara Ferragni


Introducing, arguably, the world's biggest fashion blogger, The Blonde Salad, aka, Chiara Ferragni. This Italian A-lister, launched her blog in 2009 and 6 years later, has an astounding 4.7 million Insta-followers. If that isn't enough, she's the first fashion blogger to be listed in Forbes' 30 Under 30 list this year, she's featured on every big mag cover there is (including our very own Grazia Italia!), she has already launched her own shoe line, has a multitude of people working for her AND has earnings which wildly surpass her vast follower count...

Oh and she's been named by Business of Fashion as one of the most influential personalities of the international fashion world. We ask ourselves is there anything this girl can't do?! Her site is a stunning mix of personal style, travel, shopping and trends. We suggest you get your fix here.

5 Inch And Up


Sandra Hagelstam runs the stylish blog, 5 Inch And Up, which gets its name from her love of stilettos. The higher the heel the better! She's Finnish but lives in London and her site is the ultimate scandi-style inspo, including her passion for shoes, but also lots of beautiful personal style diaries, travels and beauty favourites. She's also Grazia fave and earlier this month showed us what #fashionweekwith her at LFW was really like. See more of that here...

Margaret Zhang


Margaret Zhang is a household name when it comes to the fashion blogosphere. She's got one of the chicest Instagram feeds around and manages to balance a law degree at the University of Sydney with her incredible site, Shine By Three. How does she do it?! She's a stylist, writer, photographer, and creative director based in Aus. She started out in 2009 and has worked with a multitude of big names and is always snapped for her stunning street style. Want to know more? We caught up with her earlier this year.



Cali girl, Peace Love Shea aka, Shea Marie, is another Grazia favourite, who gave us an insider view of Milan Fashion Week earlier this month, with her parnter in crime, Caroline Vreeland. She's another talented 'slashie', with her jobs including, fashion influencer, stylist, creative consultant, TV host, designer, photographer, model and editor of (which reaches and impressive 3 million people each day). She currently lives in Hollywood and has collaborated with a multitude of brands and covers everything to do with fashion, beauty, travel and health.

Song of Style


Aimee Song, is a fashion and interior design blogger. She's also an interior designer and is based in Los Angeles and is known for her chilled out Cali-style. She's become a star of the blogosphere, since starting Song of Style back in 2008. Her blog is a mix of personal style, travel and of course, interior inspiration. She's also got a famous fashion blogger sister, Dani Song, who's got her own site too and they often come as a pair, like when they took Grazia to New York Fashion Week this September. They've even got their troop of fans, self-named the 'Songsters'!

Look de Pernille


Scandi fashion blogger extraordinaire, Pernille Teisbaek, aka, Look de Pernille, has a love of the cult Comme des Garcons stripy tees and all things Celine. She styles a mix of Scandi-brands, a la Acne and Filippa K, with a combination of high street heroes and pulls off her minimal look with elegance. She started her fashion career 10 years ago, both in front of and behind the camera. She began blogging in 2012 and is now a full-time stylist, blogger and fashion influencer. She's no stranger to street style photographers and also featured in our recent homage one of our favourite suites of bloggers, who we like to call, the Scandi greats.

We Wore What


Danielle Bernstein, aka, We Wore What, is a resident New Yorker, who gives us serious style envy. Her looks are accessibly cool and she mixes high street with high end, making us want to wear everything she styles! And as if that isn't enough, she has an adorable white frenchie called Bleecker with his very own Instagram account.

Fashion Me Now


Resident West Londoner, Lucy Williams, has been working in fashion for six years. Starting out as a Fashion Assistant, she quickly learnt the ropes and is now a full-time blogger, freelance writer and brand consultant.

'I started Fashion Me Now the summer after leaving university just as a personal moodboard to post all the bits of inspiration I loved – this was before the days of Pinterest! Over the last few years it’s evolved to include personal outfits, travel diaries and beauty posts, on top of the inspiration and shopping features it all began with…'

Lucy's effortless style, combined with her perfect beach waves, makes us want to get browsing ASAP. Her favourite wardrobe staples are a leather biker jacket, a vintage red velvet bed jacket, cut-off denim Levis and a long camel coat. A winning suite of items we'll be going out to buy right now...

Camille Over The Rainbow


Street style star, Camille Charriere, started her blog, Camille Over The Rainbow, in 2010. She's a chic Parisian who moved to London to pursue a career in law and finace but soon switched to her passion, fashion, and has worked for the likes of Net-A-Porter, before going freelance. Her blog is a 'carefully curated insight into her sartorial universe, peppered by personal thoughts and travelling tips'. Sounds pretty impressive to us! If you haven't heard her full name, you'll definitely be familiar with her 400k strong, insta-account, Camtyox. Camille is also now represented by IMG London. Definitely one to add to your insta-feed asap!

We The People Style


Another Grazia favourite, Kiwi girl, Jessie Bush, is the ultimate, minimalist style blogger. We caught up with her during Paris Fashion Week, where she currently lives and she gave us an insight into her ultimate style staples and perfect OOTD backdrops! She thinks everyone should own, 'a cropped pair of tailored black trousers, a pair of jeans that you love to wear, a leather biker jacket, a slouchy white tee and beautifully made coat that you can pull out every winter.' checking we have every single item item in our wardrobes as we speak Her style is 'minimal, uncomplicated and relaxed' which is why her looks are so accessible. Her insta-account is a visual dream and her blog has the same beautifully minimal (that word again!) aesthetic.

Carolines Mode


Carolines Mode is one of Sweden’s biggest fashion blogs and it also includes the infamous Stockholm Street Styleblog within it, one of the best places for street style spots there is out there. What a winning combo! They're both run by Caroline Blomst and Daniel Troyse. Caroline is an infamous street style star herself, combined with being a model, stylist, photographer and designer - a multitude of talents of course (we're starting to notice a theme here...)! She's collaborated with Zara and a number of publications, and most recently has designed for Scandi-brand, Gina Tricot. Her style is classically scandi-cool, with lots of textures, knits and dark hues. The dream!

The Fashion Guitar


Blonde Dutch beauty, Charlotte Groeneveld,  hails from The Netherlands but now resides in the Big Apple after some time in London. The name The Fashion Guitar, came from a brainstorm with her husband when 'he noticed our electric guitar standing in the living room. “Why wouldn’t I do something with that” he said, and I did.

'And even though there is no fancy story behind the name of my blog, I still feel good about it. It’s my brand name and we became one.'

She's now a mum of two, and her insta-feed is a mix of family life, outfit inspo and her dreamy NY life. Her style is laid back and elegant and we can't get enough of her PFW looks from last week.

Tuula Vintage


Globetrotter Jessica Stein, gives us so much wanderlust we cannot cope! Her incredible wardrobe and idyllic travels make our thumb get numb as we can't stop scrollin' through her stunning blog and insta-account (which has a casual 1.9 million followers!). She started her blog back in 2010 and is currently based in Sydney but is barely there due to her travelling the world 24/7. Her style is effortless with flowing maxi dresses, over the knee boots and lots of bikinis, of course.

Linda Tol

Linda Tol 

Linda Tol is a Dutch fashion blogger and trendwatcher, based in Amsterdam, who runs  Her androgynous style and bubbly personality fill the pages of her blog and insta-feed. She launched her site in 2013 and her cropped blonde locks and signature love of denim and masculine tailoring have become infamous in the blogosphere and beyond.

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