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How To Wear The New Season Now (Without Dripping In Sweat)

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It's raining today and we're all sick of our summer clothes. But it's set to get hot again by the weekend - when did getting dressed get so confusing?

Global warming may have exacerbated the problem, but the retail calendar is out of whack. It’s August and winter’s coats have just landed in store, along with the rest of the new season’s trends.

I don’t know about you, but I am done with my summer clothes. The heat wave allowed me to live out my cotton clad and wafty linen dreams, but then it came to an abrupt end and I’ve had no clue how to dress since.

We’re in limbo. The leaves have yet to turn, which means it’s still summer, but the sun has gone, so what season are we in? And despite the miserable weather today, it looks like it's going to get hot again before the end of the week, making the whole thing even more confusing.

And, now, as I mentioned, to double down on the conundrum, the newest, most alluring clothing is filtering into stores.

Click on Net-A-Porter and I see knee-high boots winking at me, turn left to ASOS and suddenly my screen is filled with fluffy jumpers and corduroy trousers. This just can’t do, it won’t do. There’s no way I can take on my commute - a steamy tube and sticky bus ride - wearing double-layered cashmere. Or is there? As fashion week’s start kicking off around the world, starting in Copenhagen, popping up in Stockholm and Oslo, the style set is already trying out the newest looks. Weather be damned, we’re going to copy them.