Alexander Wang: A Lesson In Wearing All Black Everything

Alexander Wang: A Lesson In Wearing All Black Everything


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Alexander Wang, whose show-space locations have become something of an obsession since he coaxed the fash pack to shift somewhat begrudgingly outside of Manhattan to Brooklyn in February 2014 (an editor never forgets!), decided to keep things industrial but relatively local today; Pier 36, a gigantic and imposing events space on the very south east edge of Manhattan provided the backdrop for his equally hard edged collection.

The industrial vibes were already in place thanks to a cryptic Instagram teaser of an anvil on Alexander Wang’s account. We don’t think we’ve ever seen an anvil provide a creative jumping off point for a designer before; Wang said ‘Inspiration for the #AWF15 collection: heavy metal.’ Whether he meant in the musical genre sense or something elemental, things didn't necessarily become any clearer when the show kicked in: this bad ass siren can be everything she wants to be. Wang's girl for autumn winter 2015 could mosh with the best of them, axel grind, pick up that anvil with her little finger, be at home with a chainsaw, have Marilyn Manson, Edward Scissorhands and Lurch Addams on speed dial... if you met her down a dark alley you'd be afraid, very afraid, but also want to take a phone snap of her incredible coat.

[Jason Lloyd Evans]
[Jason Lloyd Evans]

All black everything was Wang's unwavering and severe palette this season and it came in every texture, shape and garment going - it was only interrupted in a punchy way by the twenty dozen or so silver ball bearings as embellishment. Whether glinting trim, chunky choker, dotted and quilted or strung together, they acted as a kind of modern armoury. Think Joan of Arc but downtown and pals with FROW goer Brooke Candy, all chainmail and stomping and hair messed up from battle.

Alexander's collection made the recent sports goth trend (which is v derivative of his earlier work) look sissy. This was strong - in every sense of the word. Even Kendall Jenner looked terrifying and that's saying something.

See the Wang looks in the gallery above...

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