#30DaysofDenim – Megan’s 3rd Week in Levi’s Lot 700 Jeans


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To celebrate the new Levi’s Lot 700 series, they have enlisted Megan Ellaby, of Pages by Megan, to do the #30DaysOfDenim challenge. The 700 series is the new collection from the denim heads at Levi’s, made up of 6 fits that are the must have denim styles for any girls wardrobe. From the sexy 710 – Super Skinny Jean to the classic 721- High Rise Skinny, the Lot 700 series makes it easier for women to find the perfect fit that will make them feel so amazing who knows what they’ll be inspired to do for the first time. So far Megan's tried everything from roller skating for the first time, to styling up a girlie denim look. What will she get up to this week?


With #eatclean ALL OVER the internet, I wanted to try eating raw food for a day. With my busy schedule, looking after my body is super important. I wore my Levi's 711 Skinny Jeans to go and stock up on fruit and veg!



OBSESSED with the knee detail in the 721 High Rise Skinnies. I've got them in every colour and I am not afraid to wear them. Perfect for glamming up with a pair of heels!** **


Today I fancied a more slouchy look, so I just HAD to go for my favourites - the 712 Slim Fits. They fit PERFECTLY and the denim is just SO SOFT. I'm in love.** **


The seventies are everywhere this season and I for one am loving it. Flares are the obvious choice when it comes to denim, but I’m enjoying trying out the Levi’s 715 Bootcut jeans to create the much coveted seventies get up.

**Friday **

****Denim on denim & it's all about the knee detail today, with these Levi's 721 High Rise.


Some unexpected sunshine means I'm back in the white 711 Skinny Jeans. Loving the white and navy almost nautical feels!** **


****I loved how good the raw food made me feel - so I decided to continue with it for another day! Know what that means? Loads more fruit and veg needed! Rocking the 721 High Rise skinnies today!

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