10 Weird And Wonderful Kitchen Gadgets You’ve Never Heard Of (That Will Totally Change Your Life)

10 Weird And Wonderful Kitchen Gadgets You’ve Never Heard Of


by Grazia |

With Great British Bake Off fresh off our screens we’ve had a sudden burst of culinary inspiration here at Grazia. And how better to celebrate new culinary resolutions than investing in the coolest kitchenware around? We’ve seen the great (and not so great) inventions new to the culinary scene and compiled a list of 10 inventions that will satisfy the inner chef-geek in you. If only Ruby Tandoh had had these 10 kitchen gadgets to hand…

  1. V-Tex Reversible Microwave

Why hasn’t anyone thought of this before?! The V-Tex is the opposite of a microwave, cooling cans and bottles down to the 5 degree mark in a matter of seconds, using 80% less energy than a drinks cooler fridge. We want one!

(Picture: Enviro-cool.co.uk)

  1. Magnetic Spice Rack

This is perfect for displaying an array of colourful spices on your kitchen wall. All of the capsules are magnetic meaning you can easily see what you have and replace them in seconds. Great for keeping things tidy.

(Picture: Sortedfood.com)

  1. Carrot Peeler

This is our favourite - It’s a carrot peeler pencil sharpener! Since when did peeling vegetables become fun? As it says on the website this, ‘can be used to craft weapons if the need arises’ – which makes it practical too! There’s also a conventional peeler on the end if razor sharp vegetable weapons are not your thing.

(Picture: Firebox.com)

  1. Gyro Bowl

How many times have we seen toddlers throw their bowls around the table wreaking havoc with their cereal? No more! Gyro-bowl is at hand to save your kitchen floor and stop you from having a breakdown every time your child’s food ends up as the dog's.

(Picture: Buygyrobowl.com)

  1. Toast Messenger

This is so cool! You write a message on the screen and the message gets imprinted onto your toast. Sadly, it’s only a design concept at the moment, but we’re hoping this is what toast of the future will look like.

(Picture: Drtoast.com)

6. Bag Resealer

This bad boy really is practical, and will help you save money too. It easily reseals your opened bags and packets, meaning your frozen peas won’t spill all over the freezer and you really have no excuse not to save that jumbo bag of crisps for later.

(Picture: iTouchless.com)

  1. Perfect Portions Food Scales And Nutrition Facts

This is great for those obsessive calorie-counting dieters. You key in what you’re eating and the scales will weigh your portion size, calculating the calories, fat, sodium and cholesterol. It’s really good for controlling your portion size and will make you think twice about what you eat.

(Picture: Perfectportionsscale.com)

8. Horizontal Toaster

Although somewhat resembling a toaster carwash, this simple horizontal toaster is actually pretty cool. The more you think about it, the more you wonder why weren’t all toasters designed this way in the first place. Who thought risking your life my sticking a knife in the toaster was ever a good idea?

(Picture: Arzum.com.tr)

  1. Heated Spoon

You think you don’t need a heated spoon, but you do. How many times have you forgotten about a cup of tea or coffee and it’s gone just a bit too cold? They also help to heat up your soup or you can just leave it in the bowl and it can stay warm for ages while you’re busy. It’s a staple when you think about it. How can you live without one?

(Picture: Yankodesign.com)

10. Mini Donut Maker

Donuts are definitely enjoying their space in the limelight at the moment, with Krispy Kreme’s springing up all over the place, providing temptation on every street. You can add this donut maker to your chocolate fondue set, popcorn maker and ice-cream maker, and pray that you actually use it this time…

(Picture: Smartplanethome.com)

Words: Katie Gatens

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