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I’ll Be Wearing These Zara Pieces From Now Until Next Summer

© Zara

Shopping the high street is an art form. So call me Peggy Guggenheim as I have curated the ultimate autumn winter wardrobe.

We’ve reached that part of the year when technically it’s autumn, but it’s so cold it’s hard to gauge. You’d be hard pressed to find anyone who hasn’t swapped bare legs for tights and denim jackets for a coat, and yet I’m steadfastly still wearing the loose cotton-y layers of summer. It’s time to start stocking up for the cold-weather. Zara, mind, is making it a little too easy.

There are knits and boots as well as midi skirts and coats that will tick the boxes of all the season’s coming events. With dresses that reference Ganni and flats that look like something Alexa Chung would approve of, the collection is on beat for winter. Everything is interchangeable - a silky slip dress can be layered over leather trousers or under a sequined jumper while a utility belt that chinches a suit can be swung over the shoulder of a nutty sweater. On the topic of that jumper, it’s warm caramel tones and taps into the sizzling trend for all things brown. More luxurious than black and less showy than white, this colour has been rediscovered for winter. In chocolatey shades, it’s quite seventies, while at the sandy end of the spectrum it encapsulates the minimalism of Phoebe Philo’s Celine (RIP). The explosion of animal prints for autumn jumps on to this tonal trend. Segway between the two hot topics with a leopard print dress and two boots or a pair of cowboy boots and a trench. However you want to play it, Zara has all the options