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The Double-Agent Items You Can Wear In And Out Of The Office

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Between swilling Aperol Spritz’s and hosting marathon barbecues, one thing has occurred to me: summer is expensive. It’s the opposite of Christmas - that you see coming and know full well will blow your finances - but summer it’s more like washing your hair. Day one to three is just about fine, day four you need to put it up, day five you’re hitting the dry shampoo like never before but by day six your can is empty and your hair looks a mess, much like your finances in mid-August. There is only so long free-fall spending can continue, but with this heatwave still alight our work wardrobe needs a serious rethinking, which let’s be honest means a certain amount of expenditure.

Considering the summer holidays haven’t officially started we’ve got months of after-hours socializing and humid offices to budget for. What we need is double-duty items, pieces that can sleuth-like work in multiple contexts and not sacrifice style for professionalism (and vice-versa). whether you’re freelance or a high-flying exec, trounce the competition with these five outfits that can be effortlessly translated for multiple extracurricular activities.