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The Five Best Outfits To Wear To Work This Week Now It's Definitely Summer

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Can we take a second to say ‘well done.' Pat yourself on the back because you’ve made it through that tricky transitional stage when the weather can’t decide if it’s hot, cold, rainy, windy or ready to hail. With summer upon us and the weather forecast reading ‘sunshine’ all week (albeit with a touch of cloud, because it is the UK after all), we can now change our wardrobes over.

On one hand, we will miss the sweaters and boots, but rarely is there a better excuse to go shopping than a season switch. Faced with the daunting task of looking professional but avoiding the sticky-side of the commute, dressing for work will now become a test of determination and organisation. Dare yourself to work a week ahead and plan your outfits in advance - not only will it save time in the morning (thank us later) but it will ensure your summer work edit is tight (meaning more fash, less cash).

At the moment we’re particularly taken with yellow dresses. After seeing Amal Clooney’s shockingly chic lemon frock at the royal wedding we’ve got a taste for citrus shades. We’ve found orange and white a refreshing combination and blueberry and cream a richly delicious mix. Turn up the heat with an unexpected accessory, like a waist-cinching belt or a structured hat. Start your week right with these five 9-to-5 ensembles