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5 Full Looks To Wear To Work This Week

© Instagram/@carolineissa

Excuse us for being British, but it’s too bloody hot right now. When it’s cold we complain, when it’s too sunny we complain, let’s just accept this as fact and move on. But, how do you move on when your office refuses to install adequate air-con or - even worse- over-zealous American-grade, sub-zero, freeze-your-mind air con? Either way, it’s not easy to get dressed for these conditions. Add in the commute and that window of time between bus-and-boardroom when you’re exposed to direct sunlight and you’ve got a fashion conundrum on your hands.

Ask yourself, what do you have that’s summer appropriate and boss appropriate? For many of us that leaves us with one old sleeveless shirt and a pair of linen trousers that crease just at sight. Never has there been a better excuse than to discover a whole new wardrobe. Whether you're office bound or can enjoy the luxury of freelancing from bed, let the great and good of Instagram influencers inspire your professional summer wardrobe. From head-to-toe, let these five ladies lead your way….