5 Outfits To Amp Up Your Work Mojo This Week

5 Outfits To Amp Up Your Work Mojo This Week

    By Lucy Morris Posted on 31 Oct 2018

    ‘Bleurgh’ - that inelegant, barely verbal grown is how we feel about Monday mornings. If we could skip right past them and meet you in the office at lunchtime we would, but sadly the working world hasn’t accounted for our sluggishness. One way to skip over the first hurdle of the week is to pre-plan your outfits the night before.

    Using our extensive and well-honed knowledge of what’s in stock where and putting our Instagram addiction to good use, we’ve compiled five outfits inspired by five influencers that we’ll be wearing from 9-to-5 this very week. We plan to liven up the meeting room with lemon trousers, but the pedal to the metal when the deadline dawns with a pair of snakeskin boots and fight the good fight with the office temperature with a ribbed sweater. Sounds like a sartorial car crash? Well scroll down to see how it turns out.

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