5 Workwear Outfits That Are A 100% More Fun Than A Shirt and Black Trousers

How to reenergize your 9-to-5 wardrobe without lift a finger…


by Lucy Morris |

For all its faults - and by golly there are many - there are moments when we couldn’t live without social media. During fashion week, it’s the first place to surface the trends, the street style and the catwalks up close. When it’s payday it’s laden with glorious brands that we are just one tap away from owning. But, it’s Monday morning when we think it really comes into our own.

No matter if you work in a conservative or creative office, Instagram has a steady stream of influencers ready and willing to inspire. Fueling our shopping habit with affordable gems and spiking our interest with styling ideas we would have never have thought of, the ‘gram is for us, at least, the first place we go to when inspiration doesn’t strike. We can summon up five outfit ideas within seconds and be sure that they have Likability inscribed into them. Here’s five we will be copying this week...

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CREDIT: Instagram/@deborabrosa


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