5 Office Outfit Formulas To Get You Through The Week

5 Office Outfit Formulas To Get You Through The Week

    By Lucy Morris Posted on 10 May 2018

    As an influencer, you’re under the glare of a community of armchair critics. Every ensemble needs to be perfect, no stains, no creases and no overtly trendy pieces that will make you cringe in a few seasons time. In many ways, this is just like working in an office. However, not quite as hard.

    Even if you are employed in a creative field, a 9-to-5 comes with certain regulations. Plus, your next promotion and even paycheck may depend on how well (or badly) you dress. Make a slip-up once, you’re probably fine but twice and you’ll get a reputation. To ensure you’re never over or underdressed and that you always hit the right sartorial note we’ve rounded up five looks to get you through Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Sorry, but the weekend is on you.

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