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15 Pieces We’re Adding To Our Workdrobes This Week

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(As In Work Wardrobes)

This time of year is all about newness. New season, new term, splendid new spring summer 19 fashion tripping down the catwalk. But, for most of us, after every weekend of frolicking fun, we find ourselves back at our desk, just as we left it at 6 pm on Friday. As the evenings draw closer and we spend more time watching boxsets (hello, Killing Eve) than day drinking Aperol, our wardrobe’s main muscle is being used to create inventive work ensembles. So here’s the thing, now is the moment to invest in a new roster of office outfits. The components can be switched in and out as you wish, but these 15 items will give you the lasting foundations to take on the dreary winter months.

Blazers and pencil skirts have their place, but if you want a wildcard for autumn consider the boiler suit. Not only is it’s Instragam-ability reaching boiling point, but with the right cut it can hit the same note as tailoring. As the trend for modesty rolls on into next spring’s catwalks, a long dress, like that from Zara, makes a compelling case. Finally, if you feel compelled to wear denim to work, this season make sure it’s clean and dark - no holes or fraying.

Here is how five influencers are styling out their winter workdrobes…