Into The Woods: 8 Things We Learned At The London Press Conference

8 Things We Learned At Into The Woods Press Conference


by Sarah Fitzmaurice |
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Into The Woods is set to be one of the biggest films of 2015 and has an all-star cast to boot. Ahead of the film's UK premiere Grazia sat down with Meryl Streep, James Corden and Emily Blunt along with director Rob Marshall to talk about the film, singing and cartoons. Here's eight things we learnt..

1) The film has already been hugely popular in America

The film has grossed nearly $100million since its release Stateside at the start of December. That's pretty good going.

2) Emily isn't a willing songbird

It's a musical so there's plenty of singing involved but Emily Blunt revealed that she finds the experience quite uncomfortable. She explained: 'I had sang in the past, in the choir and in school plays and I did have a part in a film which required me to sing. But I do find it nerve-wracking to sing in front of a room of people. But this part was so extraordinary.'

3) James started his career on the West End

Mr Cordon explained: 'I was in a musical called Martin Guerre when I was 17. Whatever you think of my ego now, my ego at 17 was out of control. I imagined I would be in the chorus and someone would pick me out and give me a role. I was actually at the back of the stage, so far back I could touch the wall. I didn't even have a mic in the second act. I realised then I would have to work in TV.'

4) He also has a bit of a man-crush on Johnny Depp

Speaking about the actor James gushed: 'He's really cool. I only spent half a day with him filming but he's just so cool. You hope that just a little bit of it will land on you. I don't wear bangles or bracelets, if I did I would look stupid, but it just pulls it all off. I was pleased just to be in his orbit.'

5) Johnny loves cartoons

Speaking of Johnny, who was absent from the press conference, director Rob Marshall revelaed that the star has a penchant for animations. 'He loves them,' Rob explained. Who would have thunk it?!

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