Jennifer Aniston And Adele Have A Favourite Face Mask – And You Can Buy It For £20

Jen An even has several versions of it.

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by Hannah Banks-Walker |
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From outlandish versions at fashion week to styles that were created in aid of various charities, face masks are now a part of all of our lives and will be for some time to come. And it seems that Jennifer Aniston is one person who has found a covering she likes – and she's sticking to it.

Taking to Instagram to reveal who she voted for in the US election (and to encourage others to vote responsibly), Aniston was wearing a black lace face mask from Wolford, which is available to buy for £30. But she also has a plain black version of the same mask, yours for just £20.

She's not the only celebrity to have fallen for Wolford's mask, either. Both Kamala Harris and Adele have been seen wearing the plain black version of the face covering, suggesting that the brand's claims about its 'comfortable fit' are justified.

Of course, it doesn't really matter what sort of face covering you wear, as long as it covers your nose and mouth and feels comfortable to wear. But given that Wolford's mask has the seal of approval from not one, not two but three different celebrities, there must be something superior about it. Possibly worth its £20 price tag, anyway...


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