All The Winter Boots You Need To See Before You Decide Which Pair To Buy

The six shoe trends that are setting this season on fire

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by Lucy Morris |

As the days draw in and people start flipping out on social media about PSL season a certain panic sets in. It’s not over confusing the dates of when the clocks go back - thought that is a real anxiety - but about finding the most perfect pair of winter boots. So much of our cold-weather wardrobe leans on this one decision. Dresses and skirts that are too long for tights rely on ankle and knee-high’s for a lifeline, while trousers suddenly seem lost without a perfect pair of boots (this season a hiking style in particular).

The boots trends that are sweeping both the high street and high-end stores split neatly into six categories. For the classists, boots stretch up to knee and even thigh-high. For those that don’t instantly spill coffee down their newly dry-cleaned clothes, white boots are a refreshing and modish option. For those that hanker after thick tights and A-line mini dresses as soon as the whisper of autumn is in the air, biker boots will appeal. For the Instagram influencer watches the news that cowboy boots are back won’t come as surprise, nor will the news of hiking boots. And, when party season comes round the expensive-looking outré metallic and embellished boots will suddenly hold a special appeal. See, as we said there’s something for everyone this season, scroll on to see which boot camp you fall into...

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Dolce & Gabbana, Sequin Cowboy Boots, £875

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