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Sun's Out: Here’s What To Wear To Work

It’s a funny sort of irony that we spend all winter praying for heat and then when it arrives (like it did on Saturday) we’re at a total loss for what to wear. When we’re on holiday it’s straightforward - we have an unwavering packing list of bikinis, espadrilles and wanderlust dresses - but being struck by the unexpected sight of sunshine on our home turf leaves us befuddled. Asking, are those shorts too short for Sainsburys? Will these sandals hold up on a Monday commute? Never trialled further than a walk on a cobbled continental street to the local gelato shop, suddenly our summer items are faced with a test they haven’t revised for.

The dilemma of what to wear to work when it’s summer outside and a chilled air-conditioned freezer inside is a further impasse that our wardrobe isn't prepared for, let alone in April when our legs are more used to tights than razors. The key is to find that delicate balance between looking professional and not walking around the office like a T-Rex to cover those sweat patches.

There are a few simple rules to live by when the heatwave hits. For starters, heat escapes from your feet (and your head) so opt for sandals or mules that work with conservative lengths. Similarly, retire the fitted, lined pencil skirts and look for loose cotton, breathable layers. And, finally, figure out a handful of silhouettes that you can layer with a cardigan or light jacket as you never know when you’ll be hit with the arctic freeze of an overzealously cold meeting room.

With summer now on the horizon stores are currently teaming with tantalizing warm-weather options. See for yourself with our edit of what to wear to work this week: