Suit Up Like An A-Lister: Jennifer Aniston, K-Stew & Cara Are All In The Tuxedo Club

Ooh Suits You! Stars Join The Tuxedo Club


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GALLERY >> A-Listers in tuxedos1 of 17

GALLERY >> A-Listers in tuxedos

Olivia Wilde2 of 17

Olivia Wilde


Rita Ora3 of 17

Rita Ora


Cara Delevingne4 of 17

Cara Delevingne


Natalie Dormer5 of 17

Natalie Dormer


Nieves Alvarez6 of 17

Nieves Alvarez


Kim Kardashian7 of 17

Kim Kardashian


Bella Thorne8 of 17

Bella Thorne


Kristen Stewart9 of 17

Kristen Stewart


Thandie Newton10 of 17

Thandie Newton


Carey Mulligan11 of 17

Carey Mulligan


Cate Blanchett12 of 17

Cate Blanchett


Karolina Kurkova13 of 17

Karolina Kurkova


Caroline Issa14 of 17

Caroline Issa


Victoria Beckham15 of 17

Victoria Beckham


Jennifer Aniston16 of 17

Jennifer Aniston


Jennifer Lawrence17 of 17

Jennifer Lawrence


Ooh suits you Jennifer Aniston! We’re so used to seeing the actress in black dresses no one could ever have predicted this rusty-red tuxedo was heading to a red carpet not-so-near you. With body jewellery (trés RiRi) and no top underneath her single-breasted Gucci jacket, Aniston looked confident, cool and very not bov'd about the whole Oscar nominations nonsense whilst hitting up the Critics’ Choice Awards.

Surprising this ensemble may be, but the tuxedo appears to be taking control of A-list land’s wardrobe: Jennifer Lawrence, Carey Mulligan, Natalie Dormer, Rita Ora, Amber Valetta, K-Stew, Cara Delevingne…. Need we go on?

The tuxedo train is choo-chooing ahead at full pelt, picking up the most unlikely ambassadors on the way. One thing that many of them have in common is the decision to go sans top and sans brassiere. It’s definitely not the only way a suit can look sexy, but it’s certainly a fast track.

Cara Deleveingne suits up in DKNY's SS15 campaign
Cara Deleveingne suits up in DKNY's SS15 campaign

Should that still not be significant enough on the celebrity skin-exposure scale, then heck – get rid of the pants, too! Kim Kardashian has followed suit and strutted the streets of New York in nothing more than a smartly tailored blazer-as-dress.

For the tuxedos truer form, check out Cara and K-Stew. In Delevingne’s DKNY campaign shoot she’s buttoned-up, free of makeup and flourishing her tailored two-piece with a skinny tie. Kristen channelled a similar look at Stella McCartney’s Pre-Fall presentation in New York, with shiny loafers and a brushed-back ‘do.

Kristen Stewart in Sandro [Rex]

So will we see more suit action throughout awards season? It’s always furthered the striking arrivals of say, Tilda Swinton, but could our die-hard frock fans give up the gowns for good? Or are we but a mere nip-slip away from overdoing the luxe tux?

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