Joshington Post: How To Make Denim Part Of Your Working Wardrobe

Joshington Post: How To Wear Denim To Work

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by Josh Newis Smith |
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Denim can be the dullest thing on planet fashion, well to quote Joshington Post that is! But this season it’s taking over EVERY article in your wardrobe from the standard jeans to even work wear. To help you with your denim dilemmas, Joshington Post is here, showing you how to wear your old blue pal in a three part series, Denim Dilemmas.

In the first video Joshington showed you how to wear flaresand last time Josh taught you how to jump into a denim one piece, and now in the final installment of Denim Dilemmas Josh is joined by another sister of sass from the Grazia team (and self confessed Joshington Post number one fan), Lottie Lumsden who would never wear denim to work… well until now that is…

Will you be working denim in the work place? Leave your comments below!

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