Lulu Guinness Has Designed A New Tote Bag For Waitrose – Here’s How To Get One Before They Sell Out

Following the sell-out success of last year's shopper, Waitrose has launched another bag in partnership with the designer.

lulu guinness waitrose bag

by Hannah Banks-Walker |
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It's an unlikely truth that last year, a £12 reusable shopping bag from Waitrose caused something of a stampede in certain parts of the country. While we're used to fashion partnerships selling at record speeds (here's looking at you, M&S x Sienna Miller and any of H&M's many successful collaborations), we didn't expect a supermarket staple to cause quite the furore it did. Designed by Lulu Guinness and featuring her famous lips motif, 2023's tote, made from recycled plastic bottles, sold 75% of all stock on the first day of sale. Bags appeared on eBay for prices far beyond the original £12 and WhatsApp groups were filled with desperate messages from people looking to get their hands on one. So, it stands to reason that 2024's Lulu Guinness bag may possibly have the same sort of reaction.

Due to the overwhelming response to last year's tote, Waitrose has imposed a two-bag per purchase limit to ensure that disappointment is avoided. Part of the success is down to the fact that people dubbed it the 'ultimate beach bag', choosing to use it for all aspects of their life – not just their weekly shop. This year's is just as good, this time featuring a checkerboard design, with one side also boasting the famous lips.

'I was overwhelmed by the success of the first bag and so pleased everyone loved it,' said Guinness. 'Like the first tote, the new bag is made from recycled bottles, and we've stayed true to our signature colour palette of Lulu red, chalk, and black. The slightly smaller size offers another option for avid Lulu tote enthusiasts. Its playful and quintessentially Lulu design features two different chessboard prints, if you look closely, you'll spot the clever L-shaped Pattern. It's the perfect blend of fun and sophistication.'

With thousands of Google searches for the bags since last year's launch, it's fair to say anticipation for the new bag is high. So, if you want to get a slice of Lulu Guinness's whimsical British designs for just £12, add to basket now.

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