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Waiting For Apple Watch? Check Out The Other Wearable Tech Accessories To Lust Over

Can\\\'t wait for the Apple Watch? Try these...

Waiting For Apple Watch? Check Out The Other Wearable Tech Accessories To Lust Over

The Apple Watch is already breaking hearts

Last week's launch of Apple Watch set techy hearts racing,but we have to wait until 24 April when it arrives. While we've been drooling over the limited Edition model - the world's most luxurious wrist candy, complete with sapphire face, leather strap and rose gold buckle - worth £13,500 and controlling our entire world, via one scrollable button called the Digital Crown, the world of wearable tech is already pretty fashion-focussed. In the meantime,'s Sophie Charara has picked out her top 3 things to get your idle hands on...

Altruis: The Digital Detox Jewel £290-£360

Altruis is setting the trend for the digital streamlining we all need

Altruis is a modular piece of smart jewellery - the stone which contains the tech can be put in a ring, necklace or bracelet. It connects to your iPhone via Bluetooth and promises to filter out all the digital noise. The app does this by screening all your incoming information so the jewellery only buzzes when a specified keyword or contact comes through. And that’s it. Altruis is a simple way to be connected to your phone, but only for the important stuff.

LG Watch Urbane: The Other Heritage Watch

The LG Urbane is a boyfriend watch you'll want to own

The Apple Watch is forging its own design path but LG’s Watch Urbane is an example of a smartwatch mimicking a traditional watch. The display is round, so if someone glanced at it quickly they wouldn't realise you had a gadget on your wrist. It's unisex in looks and comfortable to wear with gold and silver finishes (but not actual gold like the Apple Watch). It runs on Google's Android Wear operating system, which is a bit geeky, but handles basics like music control and reading texts.

Misfit Swarovski Shine: The Glam Fitness Tracker

Fitness can be sparkly with the Swarovski Shine

Some of the options are a bit blingy but this fitness tracker, the Misfit Shine, can be disguised as jewellery. The tracker itself, which tracks steps, distance and sleep, is the crystal and it can be put into a leather or jewelled band or necklace. The purple version is actually solar and light powered so you never need to charge it unlike the Apple Watch which you have to charge every night.

Motorola Moto 360: The Direct Competitor

The Moto 360

Like the Watch Urbane, the Moto 360 also has a round screen (with a tiny slice at the bottom to help keep the bezels slim) and runs on Google’s Android Wear. It needs charging every 1-2 days but Motorola include a lovely wireless charging stand for your bedroom. This champagne gold finish model comes with a matching stainless steel strap for a luxe feel but bear in mind that the second version, reportedly arriving in two sizes, is due to launch soon.

Vector Luna: The Sleek Tracker

Vector Luna

This new smartwatch, on sale in July, is a bit of a wildcard - its classic styling is spot on if a little large, clever screen tech means it will last 30 days on one charge and like Altruis, it aims to save you from endless notifications. If you don’t turn your wrist to check the alert, it won’t pop up but will be saved until later. Bespoke software and apps are a gamble but at launch, it will be able to control smart home gadgets.