As Vanessa Hudgens Strips Off In ‘The Frozen Ground’, We Review Her Evolution From Disney Kid To Risque Leading Lady

Vanessa Hudgens' Evolution From Disney Kid To Risque Leading Lady


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We're guessing Mickey Mouse is not happy at all.

How time flies eh? Seem like only last week Vanessa Hudgens was camping it up alongside Zac Efron in teen movie High School Musical, so we got a bit shock when shots of Vanessa as a stripper in new film The Frozen Ground appeared.

The film stars Nicholas Cage and John Cusack and is based on the true story of serial killer Robert Hansen who murdered 17-21 women in the early 1980's in Alaska. Vanessa plays Cindy Paulson, an attempted victim of Hansen's whose escape eventually led to his capture and incarceration. He's currently serving 461 years.

It's a pretty gritty role for Vanessa who seems keen to leave her butter-wouldn't-melt image behind her by appearing in films such as Sucker Punch, Spring Breakers and the upcoming Gimme Shelter. So far she's doing a pretty good job of leaving the Disney years behind so we're excited to see how things pan out for Vanessa.

Here's her transformation from teen queen to edgy actress.


A 16-year-old Vanessa makes her first big screen debut in the film remake of Thunderbirds. The one that featured a title track by Busted. Yep, those guys.

The High School Musical Years

From 2006-2008 Vanessa became one half of film's most squeaky clean couple with Zac Efron in the super-perky High School Musical films. Cue jazz hands!

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Music Career

In 2006, she also released an album, V, featuring the smash hit single we almost remember; Say OK.

The Difficult Second Album

2008's Identified album did a little better than Vanessa's first, but then again it did feature the intriguingly named Sneakernight which is basically about going out and wearing, erm, sneakers.

Relationship With Zac Efron

The most photogenic couple in Hollywood lasted a beautiful 3 years before going their separate ways.

vanessa hudgens zac efron

Gimme Shelter

After the split Vanessa turned her attentions to grittier films, including Gimme Shelter - due to come out later this year - which sees her play a pregnant teenager who runs away from her abusive mother to find her real father. Stills from the set saw her sporting this less-than-glamorous crop.

vanessa hudgens

Sucker Punch

Superman director Zac Snyder's Sucker Punch saw Vanessa kick ass alongside Emily Browning and Abbie Cornish in this fantasy film.

From Teen Queen To Sex Symbol

Vanessa's new side was definitely apparent through her choice of shoots - like this one with Candies in 2011.

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Spring Breakers

Whoa there young lady! Harmony Korine's Spring Breakers featured Vanessa and fellow disney star Selena Gomez as college girls falling afoul of the law under the influence of James Franco's cornrowed character 'Alien'.

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Music Career Part III

Vanessa's latest single $$$EX has also got tongues wagging. Not surprising considering it features lyrics such as "Fifty in his pocket, condom in his wallet, He’s not gonna sleep tonight." Oo-er.

The Frozen Ground

This new film sees Vanessa play prostitute Cindy Paulson who helps take down serial killer Robert Hansen after escaping his clutches. Have a peek at the trailer below and make your call on whether Vanessa's edgier film choices are paying off.

The Frozen Ground is out 19 July.

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