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by Lucy Morris |

Just look at Emily Ratajkowski with her long Bambi limbs and cultivated bombshell look, who wouldn’t want to be her? The Dolce Vita of Instagram embodies the breezy type of confidence I, for one, would love to have naturally. OK, my abs will never be as washboard as hers but I can craft my wardrobe into that of a consummate stone cold fox as Emrata has. Unknowingly, it’s Los Angeles label The Line By K that helps me feel in their words ‘unapologetically strong and sexy’.

Founded by the influencer Karla Deras some three-years-ago as a vehicle for her to make ‘basics that aren’t basic’. The pieces rarely stray away from a palette of black, white and grey, but when they do they pack a punch. The green Izzy top, for instance, has the type of zing that gets instant double taps on Instagram.

So, the pieces are sexy (in a grown-up way), which is obviously appealing, but there were two things that pushed me from ‘add to basket’ to actually purchasing. Firstly, most pieces are machine washable. This is so often overlooked, but in the longrun makes a heap of difference. And, secondly, it can be paid for in instalments. While the clothes aren’t wince-inducing expensive, to begin with, this old-fashioned trick makes justifying the purchase possible when payday is a mere figment in the distance.

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The Line By K, Elio Dress Magenta, £208
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The Line By K, Elio Dress Magenta, £208

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