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The Ultimate Summer Shopping List

I know it’s terribly British to talk about the weather, but excuse me this one time because the current climate is exceptional. Exceptionally hot, I mean. The current heatwave is playing havoc with my hair (hello, humidity) and my wardrobe. So used to summer’s in the UK meaning one day of middling-to-OK sunshine followed by several underwhelming damp weeks, it turns out I have a closet that won’t close but nothing suitable to wear. First world problems, I know, but an issue nonetheless.

Come my next Easyjet to the continent rest assured I’ll have more options than I need for what to pack. But, place me in my normal work-life routine in London and suddenly I’m at a loss - those sandals are too flimsy for my commute, that light and airy dress is too see-through away from a beachside bar and that oversized (read: Jacquemus-lite) straw hat looks ludicrous.

Now the goal is not to throw away my favourite vacation pieces or even buy new ones, but to find a selection of stylish, modern items that I can wear this summer and next, because according to global warming this is our July weather from now on.

Personally, I like a summer dress with a little oomph, by which I mean structure. I want something like Borgo De Nor’s printed pink maxi. It’s long enough to pass the boardroom litmus test and sleeveless, which means less chance of embarrassing sweat patches. While I know straw bags look ridiculous outside of the vacation routine the label Muun has an urban option that’s a little more structured and has a peek-a-boo lining. When the holiday time finally hits I dream of packing my Fendi x Rimowa suitcase with Uterque summer tops, Cos swimwear and gold jewellery that glints just so for the Instagram selfie.

If you too find yourself scratching your head about what to wear right now, here is everything that should be on your 2018 shopping list: