STYLE HUNTER: Revolutionise Your Winter Wardrobe With These Street Style Tips

How To Revolutionise Your Winter Wardrobe


by Sophie Bew |
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February Style Hunter

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Forget the winter blues - there are just so many ways to perk up your ensemble, and yourself. Just turn to pops of colour, bold prints, coloured fur and you'll feel as fun as the sun. Follow our tips:

1.Choose a statement scarf.

Off-set navy tailoring with a sky blue slanket or pick out orange details with a reddy toned check. The bigger, the softer, the bolder – the more joyous. Do NOT neglect the joy of the statement scarf this season. Or forget it at your chilly-necked peril.

2.Flash some ankle.

Providing your suitably wrapped up in other places. The bare ankle is a refreshing sight in a see of ankle boots, so on a dry day pull out your favourite plimsolls and loafers (a contrast ankle sock is just as good a statement).

3.Let your coat do the talking.

Shrouded in black on a daily basis come winter? Invest in your coat. A coloured fur from Shrimps, choose oxblood leather or perhaps shoulder-robe a cat and dog print tapestry jacket. You know, whatever.

4.Layers, layers, layers.

There will be layers. So be sure to make the most of them. Asymmetric hems, contrasting colours, textures and clashing prints all work their best when hems are staggered and overlapped.

5.Go hands-free

The cross-body bag is the practical accessory du jour and has been hot for some time. The way to wear it now? Put it on before your coat and REALLY integrate it into your outfit.

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