Spark Delight For The Most Important Women In Your Life This Christmas With Swarovski

From mothers and sisters to aunties and friends, give the gift of joy and jewellery this festive season

Swarovski Spark Delight

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It’s been quite a year, hasn’t it? Without a doubt, 2020 has brought many changes to the way we live our lives, our priorities and the things that matter most to us. But against all the challenges that have come our way, we’ve (re)discovered the importance and the value of small pleasures in our lives, those sparkling moments that delight us and bring us joy throughout the day, or night.

For many of us, this year has also reminded us how much we truly cherish our relationships, both familial and friend. Through the good times and the not-so-good times, these women have brought the smiles to our faces and the happiness back to our hearts with their little acts of love such as a text message, a quick call or a virtual catch-up.

As we move into the festive season – a time of joy and of giving – Swarovski wants to help us #SparkDelight for those women who mean so much to us! While celebrating its 125th anniversary, the brand has released a spectacular collection of sparkling jewellery that will spark delight in the wearer every time they put it on.

Discover some of our favourite pieces from this exquisite collection below and who we’ll be giving them to this Christmas to #SparkDelight!

Angelic Round Bracelet

Angelic Round Bracelet

The Angelic Round Bracelet encapsulates an understated elegance. Created in plated rhodium, it features a fine chain adorned with a central radiant white crystal circled with shining pavé.

Spark Delight for…Your Mum

Your mum will absolutely treasure this beautiful bracelet. Every time she wears it, she’ll think of you and your special relationship with her.

Sparkling Dance Dial Up Pierced Earrings

Sparkling Dance Dial Up Pierced Earrings

For show-stopping earrings that exude classic Hollywood glamour, look no further than these Sparkling Dance Dial Up Pierced Earrings. Fans of white and clear crystals are tiered to create a truly spectacular design.

Spark Delight for...Your Sister

Your partner-in-crime deserves a gift that is as fun and fabulous as she is, and these earrings fit the bill. She can wear them and remember all the great times you’ve shared.

Treasure Pearl Pierced Earrings

Treasure Pearl Pierced Earrings

Pearl earrings are the epitome of classic style. In these Treasure Pearl Pierced Earrings, a luminous Crystal Pearl sits on top of bright white crystal to create an earring of timeless beauty.

Spark Delight for…Your Auntie

She’s always been there for you growing up and every time she puts these earrings in, she’ll be proud of the woman you’ve grown up to be.

Tennis Deluxe Bracelet

Tennis Deluxe Bracelet

No jewellery box is complete without a classic tennis bracelet and this Tennis Deluxe Bracelet is perfect example of why. A continuous strand of prong-set crystals creates a band of sparkles in this minimalist design.

Spark Delight for…Your Best Friend

A tennis bracelet is ideal for everyday wear and this one is a daily reminder of how much her friendship means to you. It’s like a friendship bracelet, but far more glamorous.

Attract Pear Ring Set

Attract Pear Ring Set

Two separate bands come together to make one exquisite ring in this Attract Pearl Ring Set. Plated in rhodium, one is partially covered in stunning pavé and holds a beautiful drop-shaped crystal, while the other creates a crown of sparkling crystals.

Spark Delight for…Yourself

Every time the light catches the crystals, take a moment to remember to all the wonderful women and the wonderful things in your life that bring you so much happiness.

Explore Swarovski’s full collection and #SparkDelight this Christmas

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