Roll Up, Roll Up! Sophia Webster Creates A Fruit And Veg Market Shoe-Stall In Harrods

Sophia Webster: 'I Have A Whole Room Just For Shoes'


by Grazia |

Sophia Webster doesn't do boring, so for her pop-up store in the Harrods Shoe Heaven she created an East-End fruit and veg stall, in bubblegum pink. Among the grapes, apples and bananas, you'll spot Sophia's latest collection of fruity dinky doos (that's Cockney for shoes). Sophia's shoe-cart, which sells over 60 of her cartoonish designs, will be in store for one month. We chatted to Harrods' market trader about her design process, how many shoes she owns and more...

**Grazia Daily: Which is your favourite of your shoes available in Harrods? **

Sophia: "There are too many to choose from! I love my watermelon 'Brooke" mules."

Grazia Daily: Talk us through your design process...

Sophia: "I usually start by sketching and letting my imagination run away with me. I always design in colour from the very start of the process I work best that way."

**Grazia Daily: The spaces for your presentations are always incredible - when do you start working on them? **

Sophia: "I usually start working on a collection three months ahead of actually showing it. My presentations are always a manifestation of the world of that collection as I see it in my head, it's really nice to be able to bring my inspirations to life and invite people to experience it."

Juicy! Sophia Webster's latest collection
Juicy! Sophia Webster's latest collection

Grazia Daily: What is something you think most people wouldn't realise about your job?

Sophia: "I design eight collections a year which is around 500 different shoes and all of my prints are hand drawn by yours truly!"

Grazia Daily: You have a lot of celebrity fans - who have you been most excited about to see wearing your shoes?

Sophia: "Katy Perry wore my shoes at the Grammy's recently which was an amazing moment for me. Lauryn Hill wearing them blew my mind, I have listened to her album more than a million times I'm sure and it never gets old."

Grazia Daily: Who is your ultimate person you would like to wear your shoes?

Sophia: "Gwen Stefani. That's the dream."

Grazia Daily: Where do you stand on comfort vs. glamour?

Sophia: "A 90mm mid-height heel is a chic compromise that is really easy to wear and works for both day and night, like my Daria fruit styles."

Sophia Webster's pop-up in Harrods

Grazia Daily: Are you an expert at walking in heels? How long can you stay standing in your heels?

Sophia: "I'm quite petite so I'm used to wearing heels although I would be lying if I say I wore them ALL day."

**Grazia Daily: ** If you had to wear one pair of shoes forever - what would you pick?

Sophia: "The Riko shoe is one of my favourite from my collection. It is one of the first shoes I ever designed and I reimagine it every season in different shapes. This season I've designed it as a mule which feels perfect and easy for Spring."

Grazia Daily: Is there an iconic shoe you wish you'd designed?

Sophia: "Patrick Cox 'Eiffel Tower" jelly heels. They were the first pair of shoes I fell in love with. Unfortunately they were my older sister's and I was definately not allowed to borrow them!"

Grazia Daily: How many pairs of shoes do you have at home?

Sophia: "I've lost count! I have a whole room just for shoes in my house, I need to have a clear out as it's getting out of hand."

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