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Sarah Jessica Parker’s Designed A Bridal Collection

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Think Sarah Jessica Parker and wedding dress and an image instantly comes to mind: Carrie Bradshaw wearing a frothy Vivienne Westwood gown with turquoise feather inexplicably jutting out of her veil. That said, the actress-turned-designer has created a bridal collection exclusively for Gilt that couldn’t be further from her famous character’s taste.

Like her shoe line, SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker, this new collection, is much more accessible (both in terms of price and concept) than anything that would take Bradshaw’s fancy. It’s a 10-piece range that starts at $295 (£211) and goes up to $2,395 (£1,720). Though there are a handful of classic cream dresses, the collection offers answers to all the sartorial needs of a bride throughout her whole nuptial process. There are jumpsuits and separates in black, blush, poppy, grey and blue available for unconventional brides, bridesmaids, pre- and post-wedding events and guests.

‘I think there’s a lot about these that are conventional silhouettes. I’ve got no business designing wedding dresses, I think that would be fraudulent, and diminishing the people who have been doing it for a really long time. That’s serious business. People work years and years and years to build those businesses, and really have to understand draping, foundations. That’s a massive undertaking. I’m not a designer and I don’t have those skills, but I have ideas and dreams. I knew I wanted something that felt modern and felt like] there was life in it beyond that day,’ Parker told [WWD.

The collection is available exclusively at