The New Stealth Wealth Belt You Need To Have At Your Disposal

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If it was 2008 and Gok Wan still had a prime time slot no one would be surprised at the power of the belt. But, it’s a decade later and when we say statement accessory you say ‘earrings’. However, this sly outfit-maker has stormed a comeback.

We’re calling it the stealth wealth belt. Why? This light body-skimpy accessory looks so sumptuous it could only be owned by someone that need not be bothered by the banalities of dressing for purpose and practicality, only troubled by which PJ (private jet FYI) to hire and where to moor their yacht (S. France, of course). It’s not exactly practical (mind when is a statement accessory ever?) but it does have powerful potential to pull the waist into focus.

After a season of ridiculously long belts - thank you Off-White - that have tails that refuse to be discreet, this is the natural next step. With summer comes seaside inclinations and there’s something a little nautical about the more reserved styles made of raw materials, but for a luxe upgrade, consider the bohemian approach, which has designers fashion their iterations out of silk and embellished with gilded edges.

We’ve seen it slung around suits and amping up dresses, but don’t stop there. Try it with a swimsuit or tuck it into the loops of jeans, because this joyful belt is suitable for every occasion. Though Saint Laurent is making a strong case for their iteration, we have half a mind to head to our local haberdashery store (VV Reuleaux, natch) and make our own. It doesn’t seem too difficult after all - just buy a chunky silk rope and get crafty with a pair of curtain tassels. Mind, if that sounds like a hassle too far, we don’t blame you. However, add to your to-do list to check out offerings by Roksanda and ASOS. Though if even the thought of having to consider how to style this sounds like a headache then you’re in luck as a surprising amount of designers are selling their shorts, skirts, swimsuits and coats with rope belts looped in.


tassel rope belt trend

tassel rope belt trend1 of 6

Uterque, Sash Belt With Tassles, £POA

tassel rope belt trend2 of 6

Roksana, Rahea Cropped Cady Wide Leg Trousers, £650, Net-A-Porter

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Acne, Rope Leather Belt, £220,

tassel rope belt trend4 of 6

ASOS, Hazel Embroidered Midi Dress with Tassel Belt, £55

tassel rope belt trend5 of 6

Sandro, Metallic Tassle Belt, £60, Harrods

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Maison Margiela, Stretch Canvas Rope Belt Pants, £561, Moda'Operandi

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