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Stripes Are Cool, But We’re Obsessed With This New Floral Trend

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Florals for spring? Groundbreaking - let’s face it there’s nothing new about florals, but at Valentino, Gucci and Andrew GN amped up buds had a psychedelic twist that has left us buzzing.

Think: unabashed Palm Beach glamour told through technicolour daisies, swirling posies and Hawaiian blooms that look like they’ve taken a long acid-drenched trip. It’s a little delirious and a lot groovy. The colour palette is, as you can imagine, quite wild. Pinks meet oranges, lime gets giddy next to turquoise and white is spiked with the zing of lemon. Likewise, the pattern rulebook is throw out and retro blooms are cropped and clashed to create new heady conceptions. Look to Rixo for a sophisticated representation of this new breed of springtime florals, or H&M where a collaboration with design studio Anna Glover has created a fruitful array of delectable prints.

Mad, manic and no-holds-barred, these splashy prints aren’t for the faint hearted. You can keep your dainty ditsies and WI-friendly bouquets, we’re hooked on this sun-drenched vision for spring.