Reasons Why Siblings Are Just The Best At Christmas

Why Siblings Are Just The Best At Christmas


by Holly Peacock |
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Does anyone do family Christmas cards like this lot?

Look, family Christmases can be awesome but most are still peppered with a touch of drama and angst. Whether that’s freaking out over the politics of the Christmas dinner seating arrangements or a full-scale argument about something that happened over 7 years ago, it’s almost guaranteed that at some point you’ll be caught exchanging eye-rolls with your sibling in mutual annoyance and understanding.

To celebrate the pure joy of having a sibling to share your bizarre family dynamics with, we bring you the top 5 reasons to love your sibling this Christmas…

1. You can rant about your family, guilt-free, to someone who knows you actually love them to bits.

2. You can sit in your PJs and not shower for 3 days and they won't judge you. Instead, they join you.

3. Ok, so you’re married and one of you is a mother. So what? You can still wind your parents up like you used to with your endless 'in jokes' that no one understands.

4. You’re free! A sibling pal means you can let loose and be the weirdest version of yourself.

5. You can spend hours reminiscing about those humiliating childhood moments that are only funny 10 years on.

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