Primark Are Selling A Gucci Dupe For £6

Primark Are Selling A Gucci Dupe For £6

    By Ruby Norris Posted on 6 Sep 2018

    Often spotted draped over the shoulder of an off-duty A Lister, or precariously placed beside an aesthetically pleasing (and, most likely, luke-warm) latte on an influencers Instagram feed, Gucci’s Marmont Mini is the undisputed queen of the cross-body bags. A luxe little rectangle of soft, quilted leather adorned with the house’s signature double-G and an elegant, yet ever practical, chain-detailed strap. But this perfect accessory comes with a not-so-purse-friendly price tag.

    The Gucci GG Marmont Camera bag will set you back £760 on Net-A-Porter to be exact, which will involve some serious saving and lifestyle adjustments from most of us to justify as a payday treat.

    © Gucci/Net-A-Porter

    Although rarely delivering the same luxe quality, or artful designs as the designer real deal, the high street’s commitment to churning out dupes of our favorite high end pieces quenches our thirst for a quick fashion fix on a budget. And Primark’s latest contribution does not disappoint.

    After showcasing three new bags on their Instagram account, it’s the quilted, red style - which bares a striking resemblance to the Marmont Mini - that money-savvy fashionista’s flocking to Primark.

    © Primark/Instagram

    Of course, on close inspection Primark’s ‘dupe’ - priced at £6 - isn’t quite the carbon copy you may be hoping for. Aside from the obvious lack of the Gucci trademark, the quilting detail is different and it’s likely the bag is not real leather.

    But with the same bold red and luxe-looking gold detailing, and a little help from some strategic arm placement and some clever filtering, you could fool your Instagram followers into thinking it was the real deal. And for £754 less than the original, it’s still a pretty nice bag.

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