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All The Pride Fashion Collaborations That Really Support The LGBTQ+ Community


Break out the rainbows, it’s Pride month.

In these troubled times when Chechnya has been accused of gay purges and Russia’s anti-gay policies aren’t under scrutiny because…The World Cup, duh, being an ally of the LGBTQ+ community requires more than slapping on a rainbow.

If the body is political and fashion is a way of communicating then a natural way of showing your Pride Month support is by using your clothing to spread a powerful message. Watching a Pride parade – in London at least – showcases the tensions of our current socio-economic climate. Amongst the celebration and pro-Pride outpouring there is a dominating presence of corporations. Companies, like banks and supermarkets (Barclays and Tesco, for instance), sponsor floats while Transport for London paints its logo the colours of the rainbow. Though the ‘official partners’, which range from mobile networks to airlines, are championed by Pride organizers for their support to stamp out prejudice, it can be hard to see past their own insignia.

However, hundreds of brands have forsaken their bottom line to design collections in collaboration with charities and not-for-profits that spend not just Pride month, but the whole year fighting for equality. Labels, like Levi’s, Gap, ASOS, Calvin Klein and Doc Martens have devised pieces that will feedback and fund progress. It’s now up to us to show that Pride is good for business. ‘How’ you ask? By shopping these pieces, of course.