Is This It-Girl Approved Dress The Answer To All Your New Year’s Eve Prayers?

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by Lucy Morris |
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Ringing in the new year comes with many logistical challenges, but don’t let what to wear be one of them.

It’s one of life’s cruel trick that just when you’ve recovered from the mammoth over-feeding of Christmas the number one party night of the year comes around. Add in the icy conditions and onerous orchestration of timing it so you hit all the right events at the right time and don’t end up spending midnight in the back of an Uber, and you have a perfect party storm. This year, ensure your outfit is the one thing you can have perfectly squared away ahead of time.

Dua Lipa chainmail Poster Girl

As NYE is the one evening of the whole 12-months when an awe-inspiring showstopper ensemble is the order of the day, this December we recommend you take a lead from an East London-based IT-girl approved label. With fans like Winnie Harlow, Dua Lipa and Mabel whose every move is photographed (from all angles) we feel comfortable in saying that the brand Poster Girl is a head-turner.

Currently available from Selfridges and online, the label was started by friends Francesca Capper and Natasha Somerville. The pair are masters at creating an unforgettable fashion moment. Known for their chainmail dresses and separates, they bring a 2017 twist to the glitzy trend that gives us an incurable case of Noughties nostalgia. Think: Paris Hilton’s 21st birthday meets Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell tripping out of a party in 1999 wearing matching Versace mini dresses.

First popularised by Paco Rabanne in the 1960s, the liquid-metal look has been alluring to supermodels and celebrities for decades. This ultra-sexy slinky aesthetic is something Central Saint Martin’s Graduates Capper and Somerville have deftly transformed into something undeniably figure-flattering. Salaciously baring the wearer’s back or revealing the hint of the thigh, their metal mesh designs are armour for the dance floor.

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