‘I Would Love Nothing More:’ We Talk To Poppy Delevingne About Her Design Ambitions

We Talk To Poppy Delevingne About Her Design Ambitions


by Emma Spedding |
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This week Poppy Delevingne debuted her first swimwear range for Solid and Stripe with cut-out swimsuits and teeny tiny bikinis. It's a perfect fit for Popdog, as anyone who follows her on Instagram will know she's a girl with a lot of air miles and stamps on her passport. Ahead of the launch on 4th December on Net-A-Porter and Harvey Nichols, we spoke to Poppy Delevingne about how she gets bikini ready, her beach essentials and her design ambitions...

Grazia Daily: What was your inspiration behind the collection?

Poppy: "I was inspired by my all-time favourite style icon, Alabama Worley, from True Romance. I wanted to design something that she would wear... hence the flamingo motif and bright fun loving colours that scream WILD"

Grazia Daily: Which is your favourite piece?

Poppy: "Probably the coral bikini. It gives you what most girls want. Bigger boobs, and a deeper looking tan."

Grazia Daily: We love the campaign – how was the shoot?

Poppy: "Cold, but equally brilliant. We shot it just before the summer sun was taking effect, so once in the pool it was pretty icy. The location was one of the first public pools in Paris, which was built way back then. A hotel just bought it and did it up, but kept all its original old school features. Derek Kettela shot it, and I styled. He really is the dream to work with."

Grazia Daily: Can we expect to see all the Delevingne girls/ your friends wearing the swimsuits?

Poppy: "I would hope so... if they bring someone else as much joy as they bring me, well that's the goal surely isn't it?"

Grazia Daily: How many bikinis do you own?

Poppy: "I would say 12 in total. I'm pretty good at keeping my collection concise."

**Grazia Daily: **What are your essentials to pack for a beach holiday?

Poppy: "White converse, a good book which you can get lost in, Sisley SPF30, MiuMiu sparkly shades and some vintage denim cut offs which show your butt, if of course your butt looks like Giselle's that day."

Grazia Daily: What has been your all-time favourite holiday?

Poppy: "Mustique with friends. It's so mad that you're on this teeny tiny island, everything feels remote and special. You always stumble upon hidden beaches and weird things, like turtles having sex. And Basil's bar always gets me in so much trouble...'

Grazia Daily: Would you be interested in doing more designing?

Poppy: "Yes, I would love nothing more. I'm not gonna lie; I can barely draw a stick man. But I KNOW what I like and what I don't..."

Grazia Daily: Would you ever like your own range?

Poppy: "Perhaps. That would be a ton of work. But definitely something to think about in the future. Watch this space..."

Grazia Daily: What are your favourite exercises to do before a holiday?

Poppy: "A little exercise I know called 'dancing on tables until sunrise'. That'll get your body in shape in no time."

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