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Tiffany & Co's New Homeware Line Includes A $9,000 Ball Of Yarn

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Tiffany & Co. has, for years, been the go-to shop for a special occasion-marking gift – a 21st birthday, graduation, or engagement. But the company’s latest foray into homewares aims to elevate the mundane (a plastic cup or drinking straw, for example) to newly luxurious heights.

Back to that straw – or ‘Crazy Straw’ as the company has aptly branded it – which is priced at $250 in silver and $350 for the gold/rose gold version, and is accompanied by similarly plush items like a $375 ice cream scoop and a $95 pair of paper-effect bone china cups.

For those with serious money to burn, the collection also includes a sterling silver tin can which, at $1,000, would certainly be an impressive way to store one’s pencils. The prize for the most confusingly random item goes to a ‘Ball of Yarn’ spun from textured sterling silver, which continues to baffle us.

These are, obviously, a few of the more impractical items from the homeware collection, and among the exquisitely expensive $650 ping pong paddles and 18k gold $1,500 paperclip bookmark are useful things like clocks, smart jewellery boxes and an abundance of pretty tableware. The range is available to shop now, at

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