JOSHINGTON POST: Paris Hilton Talks Tinkerbell & Bling Ringing VB’s Closet

VIDEO: Paris Hilton Wants To Bling Ring VB's Closet


by Josh Newis Smith |
Published on

Paris Hilton, the one-woman empire flew into London last week to celebrate 10 years of her fragrance and of course have a sass off with our very own fashion vlogger, Joshington Post.

Joshington Post sat down with Paris to talk about how she celebrated Tinkerbell’s life, her top 3 tips to being Paris’s BFF (Josh passes with flying colours natch) and wanting to do a Bling Ring style raid on Victoria Beckham’s closet. Watch out VB!

***Watch the video above and come back on Friday for more Joshington Post, where Josh will be in Mykonos… ***

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