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I Wasn’t A One-Piece Person Until I Saw These Swimsuits Starting At £19.99

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The coats have been packed away and the gloves waved goodbye to for another year. Why? Summer is here. If you’re feeling optimistic and looking towards your next vacation then we have some welcome news: this year it is all about the one-piece wonder. Not only does this mean slightly less washing, but less to pack and more space for squeezing in that extra pair of shoes.

When the holiday routine of bouncing between the beach and the pool starts, feel assured that sometimes less makes more of an impact. No we’re not suggesting stripping off - though if you want to, no judgement from us - but benching your bikinis for a single-impact item. As the high street has already clocked the trend, there are endless affordable options. Do away with the stress of hunting out that missing bikini top and give in to this no-sweat swimwear solution. It's sleek, chic and ready-to-go. Just add a spritz of SPF and the glint of gold shell-shaped jewellery and you'll be on to take on the waves.